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ANANDA-Swiss Hemp Petroleum
  • USE: at the base of surprising confections of fabrics and ropes, we also find hemp in the design of various building materials. An ideal substitute for petroleum, it is used in the manufacture of biofuels, plastics, food supplements and cosmetics.
  • FOOD: a food of high nutritional value, hemp alone provides a large quantity of essential nutrients with more than 30% of high quality proteins. It is mainly found in the form of oil, seeds and powder.
  • ECOLOGY: Hemp is one of the most ecological and economical plants on the planet, not only because of its multiple uses, but also due to its low water consumption, its high absorption of carbon dioxide in the air, its quality of cultivation, and its roots that quickly regenerate the soil.


Plant of the family Cannabaceae like the hop used to make beer. From a botanical point of view, hemp and cannabis are one and the same plant. However, they have been selected and produced to give a different crop: hemp produces fewer, smaller flowers with a low THC content, but in return it produces a large amount of fibre, which is used in many industrial applications. Cannabis, on the other hand, refers to the recreational plant that produces large THC-laden flowers, but low amounts of fibre.


A plant with multiple uses and astonishing virtues, hemp has accompanied mankind in its history since the Neolithic period (ca. – 8’500), the birth of our sedentary lifestyle and the period during which we find its first domestic uses. From the 20th century onwards, hemp, which is cultivated for its psychotropic properties (Cannabis), was gradually banned by the majority of industrialized countries.

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