ANANDA? Absolute joy in Sanskrit

CBD contributes to the proper functioning of Anandamide, naturally present in our body, reducing anxiety, pain and inflammation!


ANANDA-Swiss Sustainbability

A sustainable business develops over the long term in harmony with its environment.

  • To make our suppliers, subcontractors and customers partners.
  • Favour the regional economy and local skills.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of our decisions.

Happy Customers

ANANDA-Swiss Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is the basis of our approach.

  • Distributing effective products with the best ingredients.
  • Limit the margin and offer an attractive price-quality ratio.
  • Advise the customer in person and build customer loyalty.

Swiss Quality

ANANDA-Swiss Swiss Quality

As the first customers of our products, we want to offer the best.

  • Rigorous selection of raw materials.
  • Extraction method that preserves the profile of the plant.
  • A finished product 100% Swiss Made.
Founder, Head of R&D

David Giovenco

I manage development, manufacturing and quality

Passionate about molecular sciences, I followed a training course of several years in human health, to practice as a therapist and trainer in Switzerland and abroad.

My entrepreneurial spirit has led me to build several companies active in products and services for the general public.

In particular, I created the NUHO®! brand of dietary supplements.

I am also involved in the product development of several major food supplement brands in Switzerland.

I manage marketing, communication and e-commerce

As a specialist in the development and introduction of new products on the markets, I had the chance to work for start-ups, SMEs, multinationals and the Federal Administration.

I completed my education in engineering with an EMBA from the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland.

In addition, I am a photographer, web designer and I manage the presence on social networks of several SMEs !

Passionate about nature, sports and nutrition, I am interested in models of society more respectful of the needs of humans and our planet.

Founder, Head of Product Commercialization

Olivier Bernaschina

Founder, Farmer & Supplier

Jean-Rodolphe Henchoz

I ensure the supply of our hemp plants

For several generations, my family has run a domain in the Pays-d’Enhaut in a majestic pre-alpine setting at an altitude of 1,000m.

After my federal agricultural certificate, I took over the estate in 2002 to convert it to organic farming.

My father’s practices were already respectful of nature, so BIO was an obvious choice!

The transmission of knowledge is essential in my eyes. I am currently helping to reintegrate people into working life, using my agricultural skills.